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Police Report – Sherington – September 2021


Crime Report


We have had three crimes crime reported since 1st July 2021 to 6th September 2021 1 of theft from the honesty box by the Old Rectory and some community ASB around the same area, and 1 assault with injury


We have seen an increase in theft from vehicles in the rural area with one area having 11 vehicles that had items taken in one night, this ranged from wallets, purses, credit cards and small electrical items. On this occasion the person was seen physically trying car door handles in the early hours. All of the cars targeted were insecure and had items on display.


We have a number of good leads from CCTV and ring door bells so please ensure if you have CCTV that the cameras are clear of spider’s webs and working.


My Report


I have been your local PCSO since June, and Sherington is one of 11 villages that I cover. I am keen to get out and about on foot in my villages. This will be mainly when I am working day shifts and weekends. So if you see me out and around Sherington please say hello.


My other passion I have is community engagement and I am keen to increase the number of residents currently signed up to Thames Valley Alert, (more information below) and takes about a minute to set up. So I will be out in the village knocking on doors encouraging you to sign up.


Thames Valley Alert Messaging

Sign up to the free community messaging system Called Thames Valley Alert This site provides an invitation for you to participate in the exchange of information with Thames Valley Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups. As a registered recipient you will not only benefit from two way messaging but may also learn about those in your community subject of anti-social behaviour orders, help identify suspected or wanted criminals or learn about community groups, events or meetings in your area



This then leads me on to Neighbourhood Watch, following COVID 19 the pandemic brought communities back together again and looking out for each other, and I believe we should be looking at setting up NHW schemes in every street in Sherington to strengthen our communities by working together to combat crime in the area.


Through Neighbourhood Watch you can help the Police and your neighbours to strengthen your community.  You can make your area a better place to live.  The scheme is free to join!

Aims of Neighbourhood Watch

  • To reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for criminals to act
  • To build community spirit so that neighbours can work together for everybody’s benefit – to reduce the fear of crime. We encourage you to set up a Closed Group in Facebook for your members
  • To report suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood to the Police and know how to report them
  • To look at improving the neighbourhood, (fixing street lighting, potholes, overgrown bushes etc.)



  • NHW signage and stickers act as a deterrent
  • Receipt of Thames Valley Alert messages informing you about burglaries and crime trends taking place in your area. These messages can also include Witness Appeals, information about/from our policing teams and Thames Valley Police press releases
  • Most insurers offer a discount if you are a member of a NHW scheme
  • Crime reduction and policing information given at the setup meeting including leaflets
  • Each scheme has a coordinator who has been police checked and have agreed to act as the key contact point for the scheme. They will liaise with the police (Police Community Support Officers) & scheme members.


Next Step

Please email me if interested in setting up a scheme, We supply all the street signage and window stickers and I am happy to come out and talk to residents who would like to act as a street coordinator.



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Please click on the link below for the full colour report.

Sherington Police Report September 2021