Village Info & Updates

Urgent notice to Sherington residents who may need or want to self isolate due to COVID-19

The village has a fantastic team of supporters who can assist with managing this process  which is being supported by the parish council,

If you feel in need of assistance at any point:

1)We need to know who and where you are, please contact us below.

We will be able to freely offer you support, phone calls, deliveries, and anything you may need.

Please contact-
Amy Crawley 07989587397
Jo Lusted 07780987034
Robert Brewis 07885349952
Coralie for scan parish churches 07952593769

Personal information-
We will be keeping a central record accessible to us only, and use a map of the village to allocate the nearest most suitable person to be your contact.

We also have storage facilities for long life milk and freezers for bread.
If anyone feels they can donate these items please take them to the White Hart Sherington