Neighbourhood Plan

The votes have been counted and the village has spoken.
The answer is a resounding 

The turnout for voting on the neighbourhood plan was a healthy
49% (404 votes cast).

392 YES      12 NO

97% majority

For the official document please see the link below.

This result means that the Neighbourhood Plan will be used to help determine planning applications from now until 2031.

The village will have its voice heard – thank you to all those that took the time to come out in support of the plan.


The date for the Referendum has been set for the 21st September.

The Final Neighbourhood Plan

Vote Yes

Vote Yes for Sherington

For further information regarding the plan or to view the Independent Examiners report Click here

Plan has now passed the examination and will be amended in line with the comments received in the Examiner’s report. Once this has been done we will publish the Final plan here and a date will be set for the referendum.

Mr Andrew Ashcroft has been appointed to carry out the examination of Sherington Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the examination, a hearing will be held on Wednesday 12 April 2017 between 10.30 and 13.00.

The hearing will start at 10.30 and will take place in the Sports Pavilion, Perry Lane, Sherington.

The hearing is open to the public, but participation in the discussion is at the invitation of the Examiner only. Invited participants have been contacted individually.

The examination will focus on;

  • Paragraph 77 of the NPPF comments that ‘Local Green Space designation will not be appropriate for most green areas or open spaces’. In this context is it appropriate for the parcel of land concerned to be designated as Local Green Space in the submitted Plan?
  • Is the parcel of land demonstrably special to the local community and does it hold a particular local significance?

For the avoidance of any doubt the hearing will not address the proposed designation of land to the south-west of St Laud’s Church as a local green space.

In December 2016, Sherington Parish Council submitted the final version of its Neighbourhood Plan to Milton Keynes Council.

The Plan is now being published by Milton Keynes Council in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Plans (General) Regulations 2012.

This is the final stage to make comments on the Plan.

The Plan and its supporting documents are available to view at:

Any comments on the Plan at this stage (including those from members of the public and other organisations) will be passed to an independent person to consider when he or she is examining the Plan.  He or she will consider whether the Plan:

–              Meets a number of basic conditions

–              Satisfies the legal requirements for neighbourhood plans, and

–              Identifies an appropriate area for the referendum.

As part of this process, the Examiner will decide if the Plan should proceed to the Referendum stage, which is where local residents will have the opportunity to vote on whether the plan should be ‘made’, and used in the determination of planning applications in the area that it covers.

As this is the final chance to comment before the Plan goes to examination and then on to Referendum, it is important if there are any outstanding concerns you have regarding the Plan, that they are raised now for the Examiner to consider.

Comments should be sent to: development.plans@milton‐ by 5pm on 9th February 2017.

For further background information regarding the development of the Plan see Neighbourhood Plan – Documents.

The History of the Plan

During Parish Council meeting held on 6 January 2015 it was decided that a Neighbourhood Plan covering the entire Parish would need to be prepared to set out the local community’s vision of how Sherington should develop in the period up to 2031.

The Neighbourhood Plan differs from a Local Plan insofar that it is prepared by local people and not Milton Keynes Council and once approved provides the basis for development planning decisions.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? For further information see our FAQ, Neighbourhood Planning (Government website) or our links page.

A Neighbourhood plan gives us the power, as a community, to mould our growth and future development for next 15 years, to be able to set guidelines for look, density and infrastructure requirements. It is a process that ends with a PUBLIC VOTE to adopt or reject the plan.

Once adopted IT IS A LEGAL FORCE that Milton Keynes Planning and developers have to take into account!

However, this empowerment of the community does not mean that the Neighbourhood Plan can contain whatever we want. Our plan MUST comply with Milton Keynes Core Strategy which requires 20 – 40 homes in the Sherington area.

The Steering Group led by the Parish Council comprises of Parish councillors along with many local volunteers assisting with the consultation, research and plan preparation. We meet monthly on the last Tuesday of each month – at the Sports Pavilion Perry Lane – at 7.30pm.

To secure that the development of Sherington, over the next 15 years, unfolds in accordance with the wishes of those living and working in the Parish.
In particular maintaining Sherington’s special rural character, whilst enriching it through thoughtful new development of housing, business and social amenities, thus ensuring its future as a vibrant, sustainable rural community.

  1. To ensure that the scale, location and mix of new housing development reflects the wishes and needs of the community.
  2. To ensure that all new development, whether housing, business or leisure facilities, enhances the environment of the Parish. Specific plans being drawn up in relation to building, landscape, archaeological sites and wildlife habitats.
  3. To provide premises and infrastructure to enable existing and new business and organisations to set up and thrive in the Parish.
  4. To deliver a Neighbourhood Plan which is robust, inclusive, sustainable and deliverable, accurately reflecting the hopes of the community for the future of the village.