Neighbourhood Plan – Documents

The votes have been counted and the village has spoken.
The answer is a resounding 

The turnout for voting on the neighbourhood plan was a healthy
49% (404 votes cast).

392 YES      12 NO

97% majority

For the official document please see the link below.

This result means that the Neighbourhood Plan will be used to help determine planning applications from now until 2031.

The village will have its voice heard – thank you to all those that took the time to come out in support of the plan.


The referendum to vote on the Sherington Neighbourhood Plan has been set for 21st September. The polling station will be stationed in the village hall all day. If invited to vote please come out and use your voice to support the Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Document

Vote Yes

Vote Yes for Sherington


The Plan has now been through examination and we are just making the amends suggested by the Independent Examiner.

All the documentation for the recent public meeting can be viewed here or below as individual links.

Once the amendments have been made we will be setting a referendum date to enable the village to finally show support for the NP, by voting it into planning law.


Neighbourhood Plan – Documents

  • Documents produced by the Steering Group will be made available here

Statements for Sherington Neighbourhood Examination

Clarification in response to Examiners questions;

Final Plan

Draft Policies

SCAN Updates

Survey Results – Drop-in Session – 5 September 2015


  • Survey form (PowerPoint file)

Displays – February Open Day in Village Hall

Project Plan


  • Slides – Kick off meeting 3

Application for Designation of the Plan Area

Previous Documents