Minutes of Meeting of Sherington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 8.40pm


The Village Hall


Present: Will Bush (Chair), Anita Thatcher, Ann Hughes, Mike Selvey, Keith Carey, Steve Kennedy. No members of the public

 1. Apologies: Stephen Shaw, Oliver Powell & David Williams

2. Declaration of Conflicts of interest: None

3. Minutes of previous meeting: Approved

4. Referendum Campaign Report:

AT reported that the booklet had been sent to everyone for comments and asked for further comments from the NPSG.

AT updated that there would be an advertisement in MK Pulse which is £155 + VAT, Phone box £150 + VAT and SCAN for £35, all to go out on the 1st September.  115 people from Mail Chimp will be contacted on the same day. WB asked if there was any way of obtaining more email addresses. Steve suggested contacting Valerie as she had a large social network.  Group agreed to spend the money.

AT also added that the advert will go out on social media.

WB suggested getting out and talking to people.  AT suggested going door to door from the 2nd September.

AT read out the Chairman’s Letter.  MS commented that it was very long and that it needed to be rationalised down. MS to speak to a colleague for their input.  KC added that there needed to be a clear message with points of emphasis.

AT suggested 2 6ft banners to be placed along the High Street and Bedford Road, all agreed.

WB advised a surgery just before the PC meeting on the 5th September

5. AOB:


Meeting closed 9.15pm 

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