These properties are managed by Stonewater.

There are 2 rentable and 9 shared ownership properties.  Both are available to people with a local connection for 3 months before going on general release.

Local Connection:

  1. Having lived in the Parish of Sherington for three (3) years or more out of the last five (5) years.


  1. Working at least sixteen (16) hours per week or more within the boundaries of the Parish of Sherington.


  1. Providing personal or physical support to a family member resident in the Parish of Sherington enabling that person to live independently in the community.


The properties are expected to be available for occupation mid December.

If you are interested please call the following numbers:


For general information concerning the properties,  – 01202 319119

Applications – MK Council: 01908 226699, ask for Housing

Shared Ownership

Information and application  – 023 8065 8858